Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tent Surf 2010

Tent Surf is back! Last year Trip Hopping helped people all over North America car pool and find hitchhiking partners to get there way to Colorado where all the action was. This year we've gotten more involved, heading down to Rocky Point to scope out the area, and we'll also be heading the caravan from Arizona down to the campsite.
Don't know what Tent Surf is all about? 

Get ready to Camp with CSers and THers! This is going to be a four-day three-night camping extravaganza on the beach in Mexico. Wake up every morning to shake off the sand, walk over and jump into the 75 degree water of the Sea of Cortez. Rent a jet ski and explore the beaches of Mirador, Sandy and Cholla bay. Explore the Fish Market or many of the late night activities that are planned. Let’s celebrate not only each other’s company but also International CS day.

Travelers arriving in Phoenix, TripHopping.com will be guiding our caravan down into Mexico starting at 8am on the 10th Camping will begin when we arrive and will end at sunset on June 13th. Maps will be provided.
Here are just some of the activities you can expect at CS Camp.

- Bonfire
- Live DJ’s and Artists on stage
- Dancing
- JetSkiing
- Hiking
- Pillow Fight (Dayna B.)
- Camp Pot Luck
- Body Painting
- Fire Spinning
- Drum Circles
- Sky Diving
- Ultra Light Rides
- Charity event

This year there will not be a registration process. We will have a table set up to get a wrist band that will be used throughout the weekend for out of camp activities.

The location of the camp will be on Sandy Beach just east of The Reef bar and restaurant. Please see map here:


We will have an organizer directing traffic and lining up tent rows as people arrive.

The best kind of elevation is Sea level

Terrain in the camp will be sandy. The spots closest to the entrance are harder and more suitable for 2 wheel vehicles. Other areas that are available for camping will require 4 wheel vehicles.

June on the beach of Rocky Point is sunny and a stable mid 80° F/30°C during the day. Night time temperature can dip into the high 60° F/20°C. The Sea of Cortez water temperature is steady during this time of year at 75°F/23°C day or night!

You have options when it comes to lodging at the camp out! Of course you can bring your tent or RV (RV hookups available on the west side of the restaurant)That is what camping is all about. If you’re not into sleeping on the sand you can also rent one of the many condo’s that are in the area or stay at a local hotel in Puerto Penasco about 4 miles from Sandy Beach. Please contact any of the local resorts for pricing.


Getting There:
Travelers participating please understand the closest airports to Puerto Penasco is Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) and Tucson International (TUS). There is an operational international airport about 15 minutes away from Puerto Penasco that does not provide international service at this time. (PPE) Please arrive to Phoenix or Tucson on the 9th if possible to secure a ride-share to Mexico on the 10th. Please make your arrangements prior to your arrival.
We have partnered with www.triphopping.com Want to see all the options available to get to the camp, and partner with others that will be attending the camp out go to: www.triphopping.comPlanes Trains Hitchhiking and rideshares will be available on Trip Hopping. Also be sure to check the event page for other campers offering rides.

Organizers will not be collecting any fees to cover this event. There will be charges for using local businesses and services. There is a fee to enter the campgrounds. This generally runs $5 - $10 per vehicle for the whole weekend and is collected by the guard. We will hold a raffle and an auction to cover some operating cost however these activities are completely voluntary.

What to Bring:
I have made it back to the US using only my AZ ID however the wait and hassle of doing so will delay getting back into Arizona for everyone. Passport ID’s are cheaper and can be obtained in one day (Show this event information to the clerk with your application). More info here:


Pets are OK on a leash!
Please Bring your off road vehicle, ATV Boat or Jetski, we love rides!

Camping is fun and exciting but it doesn’t have to be a chore. This will be a self-sustainable camping experience. What this means is bring your own supplies. The standards are Tent, Sleeping bag or blankets (remember it will be cold at night) Propane Camp Stove, Flashlight or Lantern, Food and Water to last the amount of time you will stay and proper clothing. Extras would be Hibachi, portable shower, playing cards or games, fishing gear, radio, hammock…etc. Clean toilets and showers will be available to all at a small cost. Facilities and convenient store is managed by The Reef Bar and Restaurant. Most camping supplies can be purchased from Wal-Mart, Target or your local sporting goods store. There are local shops and markets not far from the campground if you will need additional supplies.

What NOT to bring:
Just like any good run campsite there are items that will not be allowed at the event. No Glass Bottles, NO DRUGS, No Weapons of any kind, No hazardous Chemicals, respect both the landowners and Mother Nature to assure a welcome return for the future. These rules will be handed out at registration

There are many amenities that will be available at the campout location here is a list.
- Showers and Bathrooms
- Wi-Fi (on the RV side)
- Restaurant and Buffet
- Convenience Store
- Bar and Nightclub

We have a team of organizers working on daily activities to keep you busy in-between the relaxing times of your stay. Party Boat, Ultra light Rides, hikes, Pub Crawls and workshops are just a few of the activities that will take place. Tent decorating contests and musical acts on stage are among others. I heard a rumor about another attempt at a pillow fight may take place. Please feel free to dream up what you would like to contribute at the campout. Please keep in mind that we do not want to disrupt or destroy the beauty of our surroundings. Whatever is dreamed up in those wonderful minds of yours; please make sure that we can clean it up easily. If you would like to add a workshop or group activity please contact organizer April to get your idea on the event schedule.

Here are your Organizers (Camp Counselors)

Jon Cordoba - Organizer

April Menegazzo – In Camp Activities http://www.couchsurfing.com/profile.html?id=64MYY8K

Larry Streech – Organizer / www.triphopping.com, Travel http://www.couchsurfing.com/profile.html?id=JF0KFK

Mike Huang – Welcome Party and Website

Get Faq’s on twitter


Still on the fence? Come interact with the organizers and other campers?
Check out our group:


on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/tentsurf

By attending this event you understand that traveling into another country and participation in is at your own risk. You or your guests will not hold couchsurfing.org, the organizers, affiliates and or sponsors liable under any circumstances. This is not a sanctioned CouchSurfing.org or TripHopping.com event.

For new info you can also check www.tentsurf.net

See you guys there !!!!!


bajarob said...

Hola fellow Tent Surfers and Couch Surfers. I'm a couch surfing ambassador from La Mision, Baja Mexico (on the Pacific side, about halfway between Rosarito and Ensenada) planning on going to TentSurf 2010 and looking for a ride. If anyone is going to be going near Tijuana or Ensenada on their way and has room for one more, I would really appreciate a ride. I'm flexible with my time/day for leaving and returning also. My profile on Couch Surfing is at http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/hypnorob/ or you can e-mail me or facebook me at worldcitizenrob@gmail.com. Gracias! :)

baedanpagan said...

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