Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ride, make stops, have good time

Exciting this have been happening with Trip Hopping, some I'll save for another time, but there's been great new developments since the last post.

The travel page rocks. It looks a lot cleaner, different travel styles are separated and have become more accessible. Finding and posting rides has become easier and more detailed. Now you can add multiple stops along your trip, not just a start and end. To make it better, we even suggest stops for you based on where your friends are and places you've added to your map that may be along your route. Speaking of your map, now your stops and destinations from rides your offer or request are automatically added to your map as future destinations if they weren't there already.

Craigslist rides are also displayed better, just roll over them with your mouse and the entire post is shown in a box on the same page, it saves you the hassle of clicking the link to a whole new web page, cutting out that step encourages you to look at more rides that may be what you're looking for.

Maps keep getting better and many people have expressed interest in an embed feature to put it on there blog or elsewhere. Done. Just throw an iframe up with this as the source: http://www.triphopping.com/mapembed?name=kenflannery

In general a lot of small bugs and quirks were fixed making the site quicker and more reliable. I'm sure everybody will notice other small little treats along the way, and as always, use the Talkback link at the top of every page to let us know what you like, what you don't like, and what you want.

Some features coming very soon include the addition of Flickr on profiles (if you're in a hurry just hit the talkback with a link to your flickr page and I'll get it working just for you). Good times, and happy tripping!