Saturday, September 4, 2010

Facebook talking with Trip Hopping

Trip Hopping is now working with Facebook, here's how you can take advantage:

Login to Trip Hopping with your Facebook account, no Trip Hopping account needed.

See your Facebook friends on the map (along with your Trip Hopping and Couchsurfing friends).

Share your rides in your newsfeed.

Simple as that, we'll be working on more too, hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Passing the bump in the road

About a month ago we missed a payment and a miscommunication cost us dearly when our hosting company deleted all of our data. Things have looked dire, the site was down and there were few answers. I've since managed to restore as much of the data as possible and get the site back online.

All data (meaning members, ride and locations posted) has been restored to December 11, 2009, but everything past that date is mostly gone. That means if you became a member after that, you'll have to join again. For the majority of people, this is just a five minute fix, but still, I apologize for the lameness of all this.

The site may be a bit buggy for a bit while I get it adjusted to the new server and sort out any issues that may arise, but I really wanted to get it back online, so it's up! Moving forward, I won't let this sort of thing happen again. I put my trust in the wrong places, lost focus on the core goodness of the idea and failed to get basic things done such as more frequent backups.

I'm in talks now with more talented folks that are eager to be a part of this site and I'm always open to anyone else who'd like to be a part of it. Good times.