Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's Brewing at Trip Hopping

Things at Trip Hopping are starting to take off, excitement's the word. With more people flooding the site every day, it's becoming that much more important that we keep up and continue making the site as good as it can be.

We can't do it alone, so we've organized a "Brew" to get people together who want to volunteer their time and talent to Trip Hopping. The first one will be in Arizona in the town of Avondale in the Phoenix metro area, May 29th to June 12th.

We're looking for techies, fundraisers, marketing/pr types and anyone else who loves the site and is willing to help. There's tasks like research and data entry that just about anyone can help with, so we're looking for all kinds of decent folks.

While it'll be two weeks of your good hard work, we'll be having some fun too. Of course we'll provide you with a place to stay and food for the time you're here, but we have a trip or two in mind as well.

And what's a Brew without... brew? We'll be home brewing some beer in celebration, call it a metaphor, when the right things come together at the right time it makes magic. I'll spare the "hoppy" jokes... for now.

If you're interested in getting involved, you can fill out a super short form to apply at Even if you can't make it out this time, apply anyhow, there's plenty of opportunities for volunteering remotely and at future Brews. Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Server is Hopping

Yesterday we upgraded to a new server to better handle everything, it went well! Thanks for dealing with the short amount of downtime it caused.