Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tent Surf 2010 was Awesome

For those of you who made it out to Rocky Point, you already know how great a trip it was. For those who couldn't make it, go ahead and check out to see what we got up to, there's a lot of pictures posted!

We relaxed on the beach, we partied on the beach, we partied on a boat, we jumped off a boat, plenty of bars, plenty of music, plenty of good times. Tent Surf 2011 is already in the works, go ahead and sign up now on the Facebook event page, you won't want to miss it - same place, same time of year, but even more people and events going on.

There's plenty more events and festivals coming up this summer too, I'm personally looking forward to the North American Hitch Gathering in Boulder, Colorado this August. If you didn't know, Trip Hopping isn't just about finding rideshares, but also connecting with hitchhiking partners, the preferred arrival method for the Hitch Gathering. Hope to see some of you there, bring on the summer!

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