Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back Online!

A little over a month ago, we tripped and went down, for a while. We missed a payment for our server and had to wait to come up with the money. When we did, we found out that our hosting company, 1and1, deleted all of our data. Ours meaning all of ours, yours, everything. 1and1 is not to be trusted, and asking around we've heard similar horror stories.

Of course we're mostly to blame for having missed the payment, but luckily we had a great deal of the data backed up, but not all of it. We've got everything back online on a different server, I (Kenny) hitchhiked into Phoenix and have been working with Larry the past couple weeks getting everything cranking.

We're working on making the site better every week and will continue to add cool features to simplify and enhance every one's travel experiences. Still very much in the start up phase, we're looking for ways to bring in enough money to cover our costs so a missed payment will never happen again. One thing we've done is set up a way for people who love Trip Hopping to make donations to the site, as well as verifications. Verifications allows members pay a small fee, and in doing so we can validate your identity. This allows other members to see you have done so and therefore add a level of instant credibility and trust, which will result in more connections, more rides, more good times.

Enjoy your trips, I know I will, I'm hitchhiking to Vegas in the morning, glad to be back online!

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