Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Features, Better Performance

The last few weeks have been busy on the Trip Hopping front, and on New Years Eve we pushed out a whole bunch of changes and new features to get the site working a lot smoother. Bugs have been squashed, we're hopping along nicely.

Profiles got a complete redesign to make better use of space and flow better. Some people's maps are looking very cool, and it's easy to update your map. When you first login you'll see a text box that says "Where are you now, where to next?", whenever you update your location or tell us about a destination you have in mind, a marker will be added to your map as well. You may also be happy to know when your friends update their current location you have the option to recieve a text message to let you know! Just click "Friends" on your dashboard and you'll see how.

There's a lot more going on, we'll let you discover some cool stuff on your own, as well as highlight some of our favorite features in the blog regularly. Don't forget to click "Talkback" in the top right corner whenever you see something act funny or if you have a cool idea to share, keep on Hopping!

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