Saturday, September 10, 2011

Volunteer with us this November at the Phoenix Brew

If you're a fan of Trip Hopping or just travel in general, perhaps you'd like to volunteer your efforts with us this November. We call it a Brew, good people coming together to collaborate on Trip Hopping and bring it a step further.

This November we'll be gathering at a house in Phoenix starting November 2nd until just before Thanksgiving. Some will be staying the whole time, others may just drop in for an afternoon. Food and accommodation is free for volunteers of course while you're there helping out, plus we'll be organizing an event or two to have some fun. If you can't make it to Phoenix and still want to help, that's totally cool, there's already a few people planning on helping remotely as well as chiming in via video chat every once in a while.

Our main objectives for this Brew are to increase the amount of sources for travel options that Trip Hopping searches, improve the feel of the site across all platforms, get the word out and solidify our volunteer structure.

These are the types of tasks and positions that will be needed:
  • Research and data entry
  • Coders (PHP, javascript, java, html5)
  • Designers (CSS, artistic)
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Happiness (cooking, smiling, massaging, dropping in with beer)
If you think you can help in any of these ways (or another way), then you should send us a message via this short form:

It wouldn't be a Brew without some home brew! If you like quality beer, there will be some fermenting alongside us and ready to sample before the end of the month. Also some other surprises for volunteers who stick all the way through.

Hope to hear from many of you, thanks!


Kasper Souren said...

Just for clarity: this is happening from the 1st till the 30th of November?

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