Monday, June 1, 2009

Follow the roads and find people

The Brew here in Arizona is starting to take off, I've personally been going around the clock non-stop pecking away at keys and making the site better. We've pushed an update releasing some new features as well as some bug fixes.

Follow the roads. Now when you do a search for rides, say Phoenix to Denver, you'll see icons on the map showing people requesting and offering rides. Only now, the lines between follow the road based on the best route, this is instead of the straight bee-lines we used to display. It's cool to see the slew of lines twist around!

People! We've added a "People" tab where you can see some of the latest members and the newest blogs and photos they've posted as well as the latest rides posted to Trip Hopping. You'll notice that you can filter that to see just your friends' action.

We've made some speed updates too, so you should notice things are a bit snappier. We'll be doing a lot more to increase performance over the next couple weeks while the Brew is going on, as well as sneaking a few more features in. If you're still interested in coming to the Brew in Arizona or helping from afar, check out the Arizona Brew page.

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