Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Members, Features, and Ways to Talkback

We've had some more people using Trip Hopping, and we're expecting a wave of people to join in the coming weeks, it's an exciting time. I've been working on fixing bugs, adding new features, and making general tweaks to make everyone happy.

Talkback to us! If the site acts funky or does something unexpected, we need to know so we can fix it. At the top of every page you'll see the talkback link, click that to quickly report a bug, suggest a new feature, or just tell us what you like.

Add that bus you know about. At the heart of Trip Hopping is the ability to find all the means of travel from one place to another. While posting rides is probably the most fun way to travel, there's also super cheap buses and other ways to travel. Now you can add buses you know about to the site so other travelers can find them too. You'll see a list of added transportation methods when you do a search in the travel section, along with a link to "Add Transit" yourself.

Text message alerts to your phone when your friend gets somewhere new. You decide which friends you'd like to get updates from when they arrive somewhere new. Go to settings and add your mobile number, then your friends page to check which friends to get the updates from.

Much more is coming, with all these new users we'll start getting a better idea of what everyone wants and what our priorities should be. Happy Trip Hopping!

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